Apart from Golf Course Design & Architectural services, AV GOLF DESIGN provides consulting for the following: 

  • Hydro seeding
  • Coastal Erosion
  • Drainage
  • Maintenance Pathways
  • Cart Paths
  • Bunker Construction
  • Bunker Revetting
  • Capillary Concrete
  • Civils
  • Road ways
  • Driving Range
  • Green and Tee Construction
  • Grow In
  • Survey
  • Irrigation
  • Land Drainage Systems
  • Large Scale Turf Layout
  • Maintenance Facilities
  • New Golf Course Construction
  • Features
  • Seeding and Preparation
  • Top Dressing
  • Infrastructure
  • Dunes Stabilisation
  • Sprigging
  • Stone Walls

On-site Nurseries

One of the specialist services we offer is the consulting and grow-in planning of on-site nurseries for clients seeking to establish new turfgrass surfaces.

Construction Budget 
Detailed construction estimates and supervision of the complete golf course.

Experienced and specialized supervisors/green keepers, horticulturists and shapers shall be made available during construction to ensure daily control and adherence to design, style and specifications.

Club House / Maintenance Area / Rest Huts
Provide specialized advice on player routing and particular requirements within the club house, supply dimensions, surfaces and requirements of golf maintenance areas, buildings and rest huts.

Supervision and advice on Golf course maintenance, training of local staff, maintenance programmes, supply of green keepers and list of machineries.

Renovation of existing courses
Re-design and site supervision for the renovation and up-grading of existing courses.


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